Programming Thematic 4 You

Thematic Action Hooks

'Visualizing Thematic 4 You' is online. There are still a lot of action hooks that need to be added, but I should have everything visualized until end of next week.

How to install a Thematic Child Theme?

I know that this is an easy task for the most of you, but there are still enough people that are not familiar with Child Themes.

Developing Thematic 4 You

Breaking things to fix others

I know, that I promised not to break existing child themes with future versions of Thematic. But sometimes it is necessary to break things 'cause we need to fix others.

Thematic Revision 653

ADDED some experimental code to support 'wp_nav_menu()'. A child theme running under WordPress 3.0 will use wp_page_menu() by default.

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